Marketing Your Green Side


A new book just published by Craig A. Ruark, LEED AP (BD+C), titled “Marketing Your Green Side” is a Pracitical guide to greening and marketing your business.

You have all seen the cost analysis, read the case studies, and heard the presentations on the latest lighting and HVAC systems that can make your business environmentally friendly and save on energy costs. These are great for lowering your overhead costs but after all is said and done, do your customers care?

The truth is that despite these tough economic times there is a growing trend toward not only buying greener products, but customers are researching and seeking out companies and local businesses that care about the environment.  Do you know what percentage of your customer base is dedicated to environmental “Sustainability?”

Do you know the term “LOHAS” or the four other categories that make up today’s consumer base?  A recent survey found that more than 60% of consumers around the world said they want to buy from environmentally responsible companies. In developed countries such as the US and the UK, roughly 20 percent of those surveyed would spend more than 10 percent extra on a green product.  Are you undervaluing your business, product, or service? How does Corporate Social Responsibility affect your bottom line?

In this book, Craig points out the differences between green and green washing; the steps you should take to becoming green, and the pitfalls of claiming to be green.  He describes in detail what type of people are regularly buying green products and supporting companies that are doing good things for the environment.  He discusses the importance of third party certifications and how some organizations that sound green are only interested in green dollars you give them to become a member.

In order to understand how to market your green side you must begin with the consumer’s knowledge and understanding of the subject. Consumers are influenced by what directly effects them as individuals; my body, my family, perhaps my home and my yard or even my car.  Beyond that, concerns become a little greyer. This book, now available as an eco-friendly eBook from, will help you increase your knowledge of the market place, become a green business, and give you insight as to how to attract your share of this KEY Consumer Base.

2 Responses to Marketing Your Green Side

  1. Will have to check this out. Sounds like a book every marketeer should read.

  2. Jo Murphy says:

    I am fascinated! Thank you for the ReTweet, Jo

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